He is the power
He Is a man
Nori is such a good thing
Nori nori nori


# by estrella471 | 2016-12-19 19:39

home town

I don't know the name
the flower which grows on a tree
blooms in a beautiful sunset
I don't know how to say
what they're holding in the air
I just felt the summer gone in a memory

lay my body down
on the grass
still holding drop of water
lay my body down
beneath the highway
this is my home town

# by estrella471 | 2016-08-20 15:16

The beak of birds

The beak of birds
as hands.
They won't play the piano, but
Grooming each other.
Like I put on up your hair.
So gently in a moment.
They sing everyday
The song of love.
They won't stop...
So sometimes it's too much.
But they're learning everyday.
How deep is their love.
And how to care their love.
They won't give up on their love.
So every time it's so sweet...
The beak of birds.
The song of love.

# by estrella471 | 2016-05-17 21:58 | Poem

The book in my mind

Ihave a book in my mind.
It is written with the words of joy.
This is stories of our faith, till the morning to the night.
The stage is a little coffee shop to the highest mountain.
The deepest ocean to wherever the wind blows.
It is written in three languages.
These stories make me feel warm and smart.
When I read this book my soul becomes full of magical feelings. And I realize how deep is my soul.

# by estrella471 | 2016-05-17 20:18 | English practice

Stars in the sea

stars in the sea.
Do you think that's a joke?
But I think they are existing.
And soon I'll find them in sight of me.
They're shining shining, shining...
In the day, in the night.
Between the waves.
Between us.

We've met before.
We're believing our faith.
Faith that surrounding this world.
The faith is what we holding.
Holding through this life... 
Till the end of time.
May it be forever than time...

# by estrella471 | 2016-05-17 19:27 | Poem